Sir Squeaks-A-Lot

So, I am one of those annoying people that just adores their dog a little too much and thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread.  But, come on, look at this face; is it not the cutest face you've ever seen in your entire life?

Obviously you answered yes, so now you can see that I am justified in my adoration...right?

This is Walter.  He will also answer to Puddles, Puggle, Peanut Butter Hound, Sir Walters, Sir Humps-A-Lot, Sir Puggle My Wuggle, Agent Sniff, Juju Bee, Sugar Beet, and the sound of the peanut butter jar opening.  No really, he will come running from the outdoors, 50 feet away, all the way inside at the sound of the jar opening.  Rather impressive for a dog who can't seem to hear me when I am a foot away telling him that the litter box is not his personal buffet...

Anyway, I thought I should introduce him to all of you. He is, after all, my main mode of procrastination.  :-P

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